AGRICULTURE: Tailor-made training for current and future generations of a sustainable Agri-food sector

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April 14, 2020
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June 30, 2020

COLEACP is an international association of companies and experts committed to sustainable agriculture. COLEACP mission is to develop inclusive, sustainable trade in fruit & vegetables and food products.

COLEACP’s vision is that ongoing changes in the global agri-food model will require continuous capacity building and training for current and future generations of producers, entrepreneurs, consultants, technicians and all economic actors in the agricultural and food system.

Training while staying at home is perfectly possible with our e-learning platform. You also have the possibility of using training content at any time without an internet access!

The COLEACP e-Learning training system aims to consolidate technical know-how in export horticulture and agricultural practices. The platform gives you the opportunity to study different themes such as HACCP, the impact of agricultural practices on the environment or the foundations of organic agriculture.

The e-Learning platform was created with the aim of making the content and teaching tools of COLEACP accessible to as many people as possible. It allows us to disseminate our resources in a format available to anyone with an internet access.

This platform has been developed by COLEACP for individuals within the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group States (ACP) who are involved in the Fruit and Vegetable industry, with the backing of the European Development Fund (EDF) but upon the request of MEO given the COVID-19 context,  COLEACP agrees to make the e-learning platform available for persons from Curaçao, and this limited to a period of six (6) months ending October 2020.

We would appreciate your feedback in the use of this COLEACP e-Learning platform by emailing us at

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Following are a few of the courses available:

  • Sustainable production and trade
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Agricultural production and processing
    • Sustainable farming and integrated crop management
    • Crop protection
    • Organic agriculture
    • Integrated management of pests and disease
    • Best crop protection practices
  • Food safety
    • Hygiene and food safety
    • Management of food safety risks
    • Regulations and private standards
    • Traceability
  • Social accountability and empowerment
    • Ethical production
  • Plant Health
    • Assessment of sanitary and phytosanitary risks
    • Communication on sanitary and phytosanitary risks
    • Organisation and management of a laboratory
    • Organisation of inspections
    • Organisation of official controls
  • Environmental Management
    • Knowledge of environmental factors
    • Impacts of agricultural practices on the environment
    • Restoration of environmental quality