SBA Learning Center Course Offerings for Small Business

Monitoring and Evaluation ONLINE Course
June 16, 2020
AGRICULTURE: Tailor-made training for current and future generations of a sustainable Agri-food sector
April 16, 2020

The SBA Learning Center is an online portal that hosts a variety of self-paced online training courses and videos to help small business owners explore and learn about the many aspects of business ownership. The content was created for a primarily American market but the subject matter and principles are appropriate for Curaçao..

The SBA Learning Center reaches an extensive audience. Although our content focuses on entry-level concepts for aspiring entrepreneurs, we are adding intermediate topics to the list, too.

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Current Offerings on the website that may be of interest for SMEs from Curaçao:

Plan Your Business

  1. Buying a Business
  2. Competitive Advantage (W)
  3. How to Write a Business Plan
  4. Financing Options for Small Businesses
  5. Finding and attracting investors
  6. Market Research
  7. Pricing Models for Successful Businesses (W)
  8. Young Entrepreneurs

Launch Your Business

  1. Introduction to Pricing (W)
  2. Marketing 101: A Guide to Winning Customers
  3. Sales: A Guide for Small Businesses Owner
  4. Social Media Marketing (W)

Manage Your Business

  1. Selling Your Business
  2. Small Business Employee Recruitment and Retention
  3. Taking Your High-Tech Product to Market
  4. Understanding Your Customer

(W): Course has a worksheet


TUR persona ku a registrá pa un pakete di sosten via di e portal di MiNEGOSHI, mester registrá via di e portal nobo ku a habri dia 18 di aprel.

Corona Vírùs a kambia nos tur su bida, pero awor ta ora pa kuminsá lanta bèk i drenta nos realidat nobo. Pa nos logra esaki, Gobièrnu di Kòrsou ta ofresé diferente tipo di sosten pa nos hendenan i kompanianan afektá. Entrante djasabra,18 di aprel 2020 bo por subi i haña sa ki tipo di sosten bo por risibí a base di bo situashon i hasi aplikashon mesora.