Export Week Curaçao

Interview Fiesta FM
March 23, 2021
FIU Curaçao stelt tutorial video’s over het registreren en rapporteren in goAML beschikbaar
August 31, 2021

Videos are available for the Export Week. Check them here!


Curaçao Export week 2021 Video
Monday, May 17th
Webinar: Opening; Elevating our Export potential with Curacao’s Export Strategy https://youtu.be/na15-ugiUyI
Webinar: NES – Sector strategy – Financial Services Rejuvenating the Financial Services Sector https://youtu.be/dJoKaE5_YPM
Webinar: Doing business with Dominican Republic https://youtu.be/cVUjZOLvpd0
Webinar: Crypto currency: Blockchain/International trade https://youtu.be/K1pOAyFSF0I
Tuesday, May 18th
Webinar: NES – Sector Strategy Information & Technology IT Services https://youtu.be/triWUq5wPhw
Webinar: Diaspora for Export – Presentation of Kolektivo Blockchain technology for development https://youtu.be/kYDWWr-G_bM
Webinar: NES – Functional strategy Trade information https://youtu.be/KSR1spH6-3Y
Webinar: National Quality Policy and Infrastructure Establishing the Community of Practice https://youtu.be/FhkD50yUjvA
Webinar: Doing business in Afrika https://youtu.be/uS2ZoN6X-mc
Webinar: E-sport/ E-gaming Opportunities in the field of video games https://youtu.be/e5XQZwjvV6o
Wednesday, May 19th
Webinar: Remote working – Microsourcing https://youtu.be/hyOSM4YHaYY
Webinar: NES – Sector Strategy Port & Maritime Services https://youtu.be/Te_ahKaZoqE
Webinar: NES –  Functional Strategy  Trade Facilitation https://youtu.be/hzG_vRkIFjM
Webinar: Doing business with Colombia – Oportunidades para hacer negocios en La Guajira https://youtu.be/VJKeJmqsDPI
Webinar: CURINDE presents New Opportunities for development New Haven Industrial Zone https://youtu.be/kYDWWr-G_bM
Thursday, May 20th
Webinar: Business Development, Business Plan Development for Export https://youtu.be/L928mWOHju4
Webinar: NES – Sector strategy, Creative Industries https://youtu.be/yYi1sFhEZpE
Webinar: NES – Functional Strategy, Skills & Entrepreneurship Development https://youtu.be/Xf8xhDELu9o
Webinar: WTC Leeuwarden  Noord Nederland your entry to Europe https://youtu.be/ph55-FAIGLo
Webinar: Tourism post Covid, Reshaping tourism https://youtu.be/AWvNEoo7k0k
Webinar: E-commerce Opportunities in Curaçao https://youtu.be/BjNz70IcwIU
Friday, May 21st
Webinar: NES – Sector Strategies, Education services https://youtu.be/MP0ixitwz7M
Webinar: Diaspora for Export, Artificial intelligence Utilities Innovation https://youtu.be/jVxbD3uDTeg
Webinar: NES – Functional Strategy, Trade promotion and investment https://youtu.be/gOtPT4jb0Ks
Webinar: Essay Competition, Winners announcement https://youtu.be/Ynfu1PdItho
Webinar: Protecting your IP when Exporting, Intellectual Property https://youtu.be/rY188cQ3dTA
Webinar: Digital Solutions for SME Exporters, Example of Single windows for Exports in Latin America https://youtu.be/TQmZUajqW68